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Personal Training Chino HillsHave you been to the gym and you don’t know where to start so you’ve considered a personal trainer, only to be daunted by the images of the trainers on The Biggest Loser yelling and screaming at their clients, or the big dudes at the gym lifting giant weights and sweating up a storm?  What exactly is personal training in Chino Hills really, and do you need to try it?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what are your fitness goals?  And can you achieve them yourself?  If you just want to workout a little bit more, or have goals that you’ve achieved before and feel confident that you can achieve again, then you may not need a trainer.  Someone that is totally self-motivated and independent may not benefit from a personal training relationship.  But if you have goals beyond your knowledge, or beyond the limits you’re currently at, a personal trainer will help you push through and get to the next level.  They will keep you accountable and on track to achieve the goals you can’t achieve on your own.

Identifying your fitness goals will also help you find yourself the right personal trainer, which is the key in the relationship.  There are as many types of trainers out there as there are stars in the sky.  Some will coddle you, some will push you to your limits, some will educate you.  Every personal trainer has a different fitness and educational background and this can play a huge factor in your decision.  You need to go into your first meeting with a potential personal trainer with a clear goal in mind, and a clear directive on what type of help you want.

Once you select a personal trainer, you should expect to meet with them on a regular basis to fully realize your fitness goals, 2 to 3 times a week being ideal.  A typical workout with a trainer lasts 30 to 60 minutes, and can consist of everything from cardio and running intervals to lifting weights and stretching.  One of the most effective women’s fitness training methods out there today, circuit training, is well-suited to personal training sessions as they require lots of planning and moving around from one piece of equipment to another.  Circuit training moves from one exercise to the next, often using opposing muscle groups or with opposing focus, with very little rest in between.  A personal trainer can optimize this type of workout by setting up stations that compliment each other and help your body work to it’s optimum performance level in the shortest amount of time.

Another major factor in selecting a personal trainer in Chino Hills is choosing a person that works well with you.  Some people need someone there that will yell and scream and prod them when they get tired, not letting them stop no matter how much they whine.  Others need someone that is patient and kind, or that explains every detail of each exercise and the hows and whys of the method.  Your personal trainer needs to understand you and what you want to get out of each session.  Only work with a trainer that you feel truly cares about you and wants to help you personally, not that is just following their own agenda.

You do need to come into personal training with the expectation to work hard.  No matter what type of workout, no matter what style or personality of your trainer, you can expect to work hard.  Harder than you would on your own.  That is where the true benefit of personal training lies, in the fact that you will go further with your trainer than you ever could on your own.

For women in the Chino, California area, check out Caitlen at Women’s Fitness Chino located inside DNJ Fitness Gym.  Caitlen is a qualified, passionate and dedicated personal trainer with certifications in Pilates, Personal Training, and is currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology.  Catilen cares about her clients and works with them to get them to their best.  She can help you achieve your goals.  Check out today!

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