Top Women’s Personal Trainer in Chino Explains What a Trainer Does

top women's personal trainer in chino 91710Personal Trainers in Chino and Chino Hills are everywhere.  If you belong to a gym in the Chino  Valley, there is good chance that you see them running all over the floor with clients, and are asked if you’d like to hire one every time you check in or out.  But do Personal Trainers really work?  Will it increase your chances of success for your weight loss or fitness goals?  And what exactly is a personal trainer anyways?

A Personal Trainer is a fitness professional that offers exercise “prescriptions” and instruction.  They design workout programs for their clients based on individual needs, and they demonstrate and instruct the client on how to perform those exercises properly, providing feedback and corrections to ensure proper form.  They also provide motivation for the client, helping them set goals and achieve them.  A great personal trainer in Chino will help inspire the client even outside of the gym, helping them to change their overall lifestyles and become healthier in all aspects of their lives.

Personal Trainers do not require a college education, but they do require proper certifications.  A general Personal Training certificate can be obtained through organizations such as ACE, the American Council on Exercise, or American Aerobics Association International.   Most require the candidate to complete course-work that covers general health and fitness, injury prevention, workout methods, and safety.  A candidate must pass a final examination to receive certification, as well as CPR and First Aid training in most states.  Now this may not seem like a lot of training compared to some college degrees, but the real work comes from the lifestyles these Personal Trainers have lived before certification.  Yes, anyone that wants to study enough can learn the material and pass the test, but most Personal Trainers in Chino are people that have been involved in sports, fitness and health for their entire lives, effectively training for this position since they were kids.  Many have additional college degrees in Kinesiology or Exercise Science, and many upscale gyms require that their Personal Trainers have a college degree in addition to the certification alone.

A great Personal Trainer will not only plan an amazing, effective, and custom-tailored workout just for the client, they will make sure the client has the best possible experience while working out.  Emphasizing proper technique, pushing the client past the limits they would set for themselves, and motivating them to lead healthier lifestyles outside of the training session are all marks of a good Personal Trainer.  If you can find one of these trainers, you will most certainly have greater success achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.  In the gym they will certainly hold you to a higher standard with your workouts, but also having a Trainer that holds you accountable but is there for you when you need help can make all the difference.

Not having to do it alone, being able to ask someone questions, these are things that determine your success in losing weight and getting fit.  If you are ready to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals, even if you’ve tried getting there on your own, contact a Chino Personal Trainer to make it happen.  Personal Trainers really do work, as millions of client testimonials will tell you.  If you want success, find yourself a great Trainer today.  If you live in the Chino, California area, contact Caitlen at Women’s Fitness Chino.  She is a certified trainer, currently getting her Kinesiology degree, and she is amazing at what she does.  Women in Chino looking for a Personal Trainer should not let this opportunity pass them by, go to for more information.

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