Women’s Fitness in Chino California

Women's Fitness Chino, CA 91710People from other parts of the country always imagine Southern California as the type of place they see in the movies.  So when they think of Southern California (like my hometown of Chino) and they think of fitness, they might imagine a bunch of tan, skinny women jogging outside along a row of palm trees.  Now this might be the case some of the time, but for the rest of us, fitness happens in the gym.  Chino Women’s Fitness, with personal trainer Caitlen at the helm, is a more realistic view of fitness in southern California.  And while it might all not be palm trees and tan skinny women, it’s a great resource for the rest of us that want to get in shape, lose weight and feel vibrant and healthy.

Women’s fitness is a touchy subject at best, with myths, conflicting information and lots of opinions out there.  Women should lift, women should do cardio, classes are the best, only do yoga… the list goes on and on.  Knowing what to do to stay in shape can honestly be a bigger hurdle than actually getting up and doing it.  Fitness can seem like such a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be.  Contacting a personal trainer can put you on the right path from the very beginning, without all the confusion, and is the best way to get started.  A qualified personal trainer will help you obtain your fitness goals fast.

Women’s fitness can also mean many things.  Some women want to be strong, some want to be lean, and some want to be able to live a healthy, active lifestyle no matter the number on the scale.  The options for women’s fitness are as diverse as the women themselves, and there is no one single, solitary plan that will work for everyone.  There is no reason that women can’t lift or shouldn’t lift weights, and there’s no reason that a woman has to spend torturous hours on the treadmill to get the results she wants.

Caitlen, of Women’s Fitness Chino, understands this, and her goal is to work with every woman that wants help, regardless of where they’re starting from, or what their goals are.  Caitlen can provide diverse women’s fitness plans for any woman in Chino, with her diverse background in multiple sports, Pilates and Kinesiology, which she is currently studying.  Caitlen strives to make her training session both fun and effective, and will help you gain the fitness benefits of working out properly.  One-on-one and small group training sessions are available, with workout that are specifically designed with women’s fitness in mind.  Yes, as a woman you can lift weights just like the boys, but there are tips and tricks and workout plans that work better for women’s bodies and women’s musculature, and having a workout designed specifically for a woman, by a woman, is an amazing resource.  You will get fit faster and achieve your workout goals faster if you have a trainer that is designing a workout specifically for the needs and challenges of a woman, as Caitlen does.  Contact Women’s Fitness Chino today to get started on a plan that fits your fitness needs and desires.

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