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Women's Weight Loss Chino, CA 91710So every woman knows that feeling, the one where you’ve gone over the edge and your pants no longer fit and you try to avoid every mirror in your house and you just feel fat.  It happens.  So then you start trying to lose weight, back to the gym and the diets and sometimes it just seems so hard.  Is it in your imagination that you feel more cranky, irritable?  That healthy food is so expensive, or that you just don’t know what to do to lose weight?  No, it is absolutely NOT just in your mind.  These are just a few of the pitfalls that women face when trying to lose weight, and the CDC recently found that 76% of women that let these pitfalls turn into excuses for not eating better or not going to the gym or not getting into a program for women’s weight loss fail.  76%!  So how do you get past these pitfalls and make a positive change, how do women lose weight?

First off, know that you’re not alone, and know that you’re not imagining things.  When you first start dieting, especially if you just cut out things haphazardly and end up eating unbalanced meals, your serotonin levels will plunge.  Serotonin is the chemical in your brian that makes you feel happy.  Less serotonin, less happy.  And the University of Washington noted that healthy food is now 30% more expensive than it was just four years ago, more than double the inflation rate than that of candy and junk food.  So it is more expensive.  And as for not knowing what to do, that is the biggest challenge out there.  There is so much conflicting evidence.  Eggs are good, eggs are bad.  Carbs are good, carbs are bad.  It can be seriously impossible to know where to turn to get good advice.

Fortunately there is one EASY thing you can do to eliminate all of these problems and get yourself on a plan to lose weight and feel great in the process:  get yourself a personal trainer.  A personal trainer will help you overcome these hurdles.  They know what these hurdles are, they understand them and they know how to get your over them.  Feeling cranky?  Ask your personal trainer about your diet and they can help you find balance and find the right nutrients that won’t leave you feeling miserable.  Good food too expensive?  Ask your trainer where they shop, and I’m pretty sure they have the DL on where to get good food cheap, like which local farmer’s markets are the best or which stores have the best deals.  And your personal trainer will have a concrete plan to get you to your goals, a plan that is tried and tested and has worked for them and all of their happy clients.  So you won’t be left feeling like you’re walking around in the dark, guessing at what fad to follow next.

If you live in the Chino, California area, then there’s a personal trainer there in Caitlin at Women’s Fitness Chino that you need to contact today.  Caitlin is a certified personal trainer with the experience to help you overcome all of these pitfalls and more.  Caitlin has had many successful clients lose weight following her advice and guidance, and she knows how help you lose weight.  Check out her website at www.womensfitnesschino.com today, and contact her to start losing weight without all the pitfalls, excuses and guesswork.

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